Multi-vendor Collaboration

Quancious | e-Commerce | India

Responsive web prototype + Design

UX-UI delivery in a multi-vendor collaboration environment, ensuring brand consistency while managing different stakeholder expectations

Quancious, a notable player in the apparel industry, came up with the visionary idea of launching an e-commerce portal where consumers could customise and order fabric, clothing and home furnishing products online. UIConnect crafted a UX with relevant design, brand and tech requirements to make the dream real.


Can we build a business out of making clothes for customers, designed by the customers themselves? Can we give people the power to pick their own style? Back in 2017, for Quancious, the answer to both these questions was a definite ‘yes.’ It was a new-age effort at making clothing fully customisable for discerning buyers.

The ambition was lofty but worth the hard work. It was all about providing custom-design possibility - every imaginable pattern and colour to suit a variety of body types, heights and sizes. That sounded like a mind-boggling proposition, even before one thought of production, packaging, and delivery. Someone would have to help with the tech-stack while the in-house creative agency worked on the brand story.

The development on the web of a complex product that involved offering multiple options at several stages with seemingly unlimited combinations required a deep level of expertise and hands-on experience in UX and front-end development. It could not be done in isolation. One had to have a good grip on the back-end technology and complexity of integration. At this rather sweet spot, the tech team's implementation partner invited UIConnect to propose approaches and develop UX solutions for this innovative e-commerce website.
What is Quancious?
Key Challenges
Our Solution
With a fixed deadline for the launch, the minutes were ticking from the very first day. While the UX requirement was being captured, the branding team progressed with brand architecture and identity guidelines. As all the departments were interdependent and none of them could be halted, a collaborative solution was needed to bring the brand, tech, management and UX teams onto a single page. It was essential that the management team of Quancious, the e-commerce platform team at IBM, the tech implementation partner Solveda and the third-party branding agency were all perfectly aligned.
Our Approach
We organised a three-day on-site project-kick-off workshop with the client at the company’s production facility/office. First, we made sure we understood the business process, technology implementation approach, the brand’s essence, and the design guidelines. Then we adopted a 'prototype first before development' approach.

UIConnect delivered a code-ready, high-fidelity prototype within all brand guidelines, while giving the tech team’s implementation partner enough time to launch. It was the delivery of this comprehensive e-commerce UX solution that helped the client’s team to smoothly and impressively move forward with development activity. The portal for the online custom clothing came together just the way they had envisioned it.
Disclaimer: UIConnect’s case studies cover information available until the time period of our engagement with our clients. Subsequent changes to the ideas / final product that are beyond the scope of our engagement may not be included in the case study. Clients may choose to make changes to their model in subsequent time periods.