Workplace Modernization

Alderman & Company | Investment Banking | USA

Microsoft 365

Workplace Modernisation at Alderman & Company with Microsoft 365

Alderman & Company, a leading investment bank, and its subsidiary Alderman & Company Capital were operating with an outdated email service from Rackspace. The service was not only insecure due to multiple attacks. It also provided poor service and multiple downtime occurrences. All the team members were working in remote model, the company was looking for an effective system to collaborate as they were using different systems for different purposes.
Key Challenges
UIConnect executed a comprehensive approach to assist Alderman & Company, beginning with the need-gap analysis, solutioning and then deployment of Microsoft 365 as the new and modern workplace system.
This implementation enabled the company with a robust email system, high-capacity data cloud storage, communication and many other productivity enhancement tools to collaborate seamlessly with necessary security features.
Our Solution
UIConnect, being an existing MarTech partner, understood the existing challenges and proposed a plan to migrate to the Microsoft 365 platform. This solution was aimed at addressing the company’s need for a modern, secure, stable, and scalable workplace setup that could offer its remote team members a smooth and unified experience with ease of day-to-day collaboration in file sharing, communications, task management and calendar integration.
This case study demonstrates the power of right tools and tech in modernising a company’s workplace to enhance efficiency and employee experience. Post implementation following benefits were attained.
Disclaimer: UIConnect’s case studies cover information available until the time period of our engagement with our clients. Subsequent changes to the ideas / final product that are beyond the scope of our engagement may not be included in the case study. Clients may choose to make changes to their model in subsequent time periods.