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CMS development + API integration

Giving the marketing team full control of content publishing and website management through Content Management System (CMS)

Veeve, a leading service provider of short-term holiday luxury rentals, wanted to refresh their website and offer a more engaging experience to visitors. We worked with key stakeholders from their marketing, technology, and business teams to not only implement a responsive design, but also develop a user-friendly content management system that could interact with the existing APIs and booking engine.

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Since its inception in 2011, Veeve had been renting out thousands of homes in London and Paris while hosts were away. It was easy to see the key role that its website played in not just attracting and interacting with users, but also in handling all the cogs of their tech-dependent business model.

Over the years, the site's design and features had lost their edge and by 2018, they were lagging behind their competitor’s offerings. For Veeve's marketing team, launching a simple landing page, crucial for its high-performance digital campaign, meant a three-month-long task. Publishing a web page was akin to an overly intricate project management plan; all the teams worked on different platforms and their outputs were integrated into a web page by the technology team - a process that was not just time-consuming and inefficient, but also restrictive. The outdated site was costing the company precious time in the marketing race.

Exasperated by the absence of essential features in the current site's publishing mechanisms, the marketing team's ambitious plans had stayed on the back burner. Barring a few text changes or image-change possibilities (also a prolonged process), modifying anything on the site, let alone revamping it, was turning out to be a prohibitively tiring task.

Veeve wanted a system where the marketing team was in charge of content, design and publishing, with the speed and control it needed. Time was of the essence, and the higher the marketing team's dependencies on the technology or creative teams, the lower were the chances of swift campaign roll-outs.

UIConnect, with its background in UX and tech, and a firm grip on digital marketing requirements (an essential activity for the hospitality business), was roped in to build a new solution that would transform the publishing workflow.
Key Challenges
Our Solution
"Working remotely on an offshore project which is large scale, multi-stack, complex and evolving, a robust communication and client engagement plan is a must. That a project of this nature can be delivered simply through task management or the right resource allocation is too naïve a thought.

UIConnect has invested in tools and spent considerable effort in streamlining processes and approaches for client communication. Every project delivery at UIConnect is backed by a dedicated client management team that understands the macro picture and ensures that every stakeholder, be it a client or UIConnect team member, is on the same page on understanding scope, development processes, and expected outcomes."
Swamy B.
Client Engagement
Our Solution
In seven months, UIConnect successfully migrated Veeve's entire site-functionality, along with the new features, to under Veeve's new UX framework guidelines. This was done with pixel-perfect execution across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Disclaimer: UIConnect’s case studies cover information available until the time period of our engagement with our clients. Subsequent changes to the ideas / final product that are beyond the scope of our engagement may not be included in the case study. Clients may choose to make changes to their model in subsequent time periods.