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Build seamless collaboration workplace environment so that you and your team can work from anywhere, anytime - securely.

If you dreamt of scaling new heights for your growing business but felt that operation efficiencies were holding you back, perhaps it' time to look at modernizing workspace that includes your collaboration tools, processes, workflow management and security.

Whether you preferred work approach is remote, hybrid or onsite, the collaboration tools play essential role in securing safe 24/7 access to your documents or communication for all your stakeholders. Besides, access to real-time updates on your business, team or your own data is no longer confined to mission critical projects.

By integrating your existing scattered workplace tools, processes and data, and bringing them on to a single scalable, secure and single industry trusted platform like Microsoft 360, you are building a solid foundation for running and scaling your business. By modernizing your workspace, you will essentially:

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01. Audit & create migration/ deployment plan

Varying workspace environment Modern workplace is not only office space. Nowadays, employees work together using their preferred equipment and being in different time zones. Microsoft Modern Workplace meets employees' expectations by providing a centralized platform adjusted to today's users' needs. ​

02. Productivity tools and user management

As small businesses scale into next phase of growth, they often start realizing limitations and inadequacy of the trial/free versions of the productivity tools that these business relied upon to kick-start their businesses. Instead of assisting in scaling up, these very tools pose significant threat to data privacy and security, ending up becoming a burden on the businesses to manage and hindrance to their growth story.

As a credible alternative, Microsoft 365 subscription comes with industry standard and well-known productivity tools such as email (Outlook), document creations (Word), spreadsheet calculations (Excel) or presentations (PowerPoint), and much more - all tightly bundled with Microsoft's OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams solutions - so that you can focus on output without having to have afterthoughts on storage, sharing or collaboration.
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03. Real-time data and intelligence

Keeping pace with exponential rise in the data, data sources, data points and frequency without taking support of tools such as Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools is a passe.

Businesses are aware of this. However, small businesses are often caught between complexities in carrying out due-diligence and implementation of these business critical tools. Finding and managing the skilled workforce within the organization isn't easy either. Business critical integrate tightly with other tools and those working on it, also need to be aware of other business functions and used tools for flawless implementation - and demo or tutorial videos are often too simplified or notoriously complex.

UIConnect with its hands on experience in implementing:

04. Security

As shuffling between remote, hybrid or on-site working becomes common, security risks related to device management, access control, data privacy or compliance in general - without interrupting business flow - become a concern for organizations. For smaller businesses, these challenges can be overwhelming.

When deployed and configured properly, tools within Microsoft 365's platform can help organizations keep a close watch over intrusions and help in preventing cyber-threats across devices, productivity tools and system resources.
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